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Jazz Music Norway promotes American folk music with a special focus on jazz. We invite you to experience over 200 live performances in Norway annually. In collaboration with our partners, our portfolio includes the Karpedammen Festival, Jazz Nights hosted by Felix Peikli at Club Gustav, Hotel Amerikalinjen, UNESCO International Jazz Day, Jazzbrunch with Felix Peikli, Norwegian Jazz Orchestra, A New York, New York Christmas, and more.


Jazz Music Norway was founded in 2019 by internationally acclaimed clarinetist Felix Peikli. With the ambition of building a community of jazz artists deeply rooted in the American tradition, we actively work to reach out to audiences with quality music and entertainment through productions such as the Karpedammen Festival, Jazz Nights at Club Gustav | Hotel Amerikalinjen, the Norwegian Jazz Orchestra, and more. Additionally, we engage in culturally bridging collaborations with international artists.


Our mission is to entertain, enrich, and expand the Norwegian jazz community through performances, education, and advocacy. We believe in jazz as a metaphor for democracy. Because jazz is improvisation, it celebrates personal freedom and encourages individual expression. Because jazz is swing, it dedicates that freedom to finding a shared platform and creating a common ground with others. Because jazz has roots in blues, it inspires us to face adversity with unwavering optimism.


Our greatest strength is diversity: the wide palette of artists gives us a unique opportunity to tailor expressions to match any situation. Jazz Music Norway creates forums for establishing connections with musicians, audiences, businesses, and music communities across borders. We celebrate the broad scope of jazz and provide the framework for a sustainable music industry. Our ultimate goal is to engage both rising and established stars in a wide world of performances, creating unique experiences between audiences and artists.

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